A Legal Department Feedback Survey automates the process of collecting and processing feedback from internal clients regarding the performance of a legal department. Legal departments conduct periodic surveys to learn from their internal clients and improve their performance and value to the company. With BRYTER, legal departments can prepare and conduct surveys through a digital platform with minimal manual processes. A questionnaire containing multiple types of inputs, including multiple choice questions, scoring systems and text inputs can be created and shared with anyone within the company. The survey results are collected and visually represented for interpretation without the need for manual processing of results, thus saving time and resources for the legal department. The tool enables the legal department to have complete control over the process and also enables them to update the survey whenever needed.

How it works


Input responses

The user whose feedback is requested enters his or her survey responses into the tool. The exhaustive questionnaire collects all the inputs needed to generate valid and useful insights for the legal department.

Process results

The user’s inputs are filtered and categorized to help the legal department interpret them in a useful manner. Complex logical and mathematical functions are carried out automatically in the background which gives the legal department understandable and useful results.


Gain insight

A dashboard is generated to represent the results of the survey graphically. Results from multiple surveys can also be compared for better insights over time. The tool enables legal departments to have complete control over the survey process.