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Data Breach Assistant

Respond to data breaches instantly

The Data Breach Assistant helps companies assess, document and report suspected data breaches according to requirements set out in the GDPR. The tool saves valuable hours for companies by simplifying their complex obligations.

Legal Intake Management Tool

Identify high risk contracts immediately

The Legal Intake Management Tool is a “legal front door” where automated, efficient intake and self-service tools enable legal departments to deliver agile legal services.

Contract Risk Assessor

Identify high risk contracts immediately

The Contract Risk Assessor provides a risk rating for contracts reviewed or negotiated. By incorporating business’s contract risk criteria, the Contract Risk Assessor is able to score the risk profile for each contract uploaded.

Lease Reviewer

Lease review simplified

The Lease Reviewer helps lawyers save valuable hours by speeding up the process of reviewing leases and generating house-style lease reports. Leases can also be rated for their risks based on a risk scoring model.

LIBOR Transition Platform

Prepare for LIBOR transition - 2022

The LIBOR Transition Platform is an integrated solution, which can be used for handling the enormous repapering workload arising from the upcoming LIBOR transition.

CCPA Vendor Assessor

Comply with CCPA consumer requests easily

A CCPA Vendor Assessor automatically assesses vendors under CCPA compliance and provides a solution to conduct vendor due diligence on a case-by-case basis.

Client Due Diligence (CDD) Tool

Assess new client relationships thoroughly

A Client Due Diligence (CDD) Tool allows UK law firms to transform their existing manual CDD processes with a simple yet powerful tool integrated with relevant risk data sources. 

NDA Generator

Generate contracts quickly

The NDA Generator lets companies draft NDAs in a fast, transparent and compliant manner by replacing MS Word-based processes and allowing users to self-serve.

IR35 Contractor Checker

Get ready for April 2020

The IR35 Contractor Checker helps to assess the impact of the April 2020 changes to IR35 for companies who employ contractors by guiding users through an interactive questionnaire.

Whistle-blower Pipeline

Handle whistle-blower complaints confidently

The Whistle-blower Pipeline enables companies to provide a safe and reliable reporting mechanism for its employees while also ensuring that companies comply with legal requirements to set up such a channel for whistle-blowing.

AIFMD Assessment Tool

Comply with EU investment laws

The AIFMD Assessment Tool helps to assess the applicability of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) to Alternative Invest Fund Managers (AIFMs). By helping AIFMs identify the requirements for marketing Alternative more ...

Geldwäsche-Check für Rechtsanwälte

5. EU-Geldwäscherichtlinie

Der BRYTER Geldwäsche-Check ermöglicht es Rechtsanwälten, ihre Mitwirkungspflichten im Rahmen der Geldwäscheprävention nach dem GwG schnell, einfach und rechtssicher zu erfüllen.

CCPA Consumer Request Verificator

Comply with CCPA consumer requests easily

The CCPA Consumer Request Verificator helps businesses to comply with the CCPA requirements to adequately verify consumer requests and prevents unauthorized disclosures of personal information.  

Gift & Hospitality Advisor

Guide employees towards compliant behavior easily

A Gift and Hospitality Advisor helps employees to easily navigate through the company’s policies on gifts and hospitality. It replaces paper-based checklists and allows employees to quickly determine compliant behavior.

Subject Access Request Assistant

Comply with GDPR subject access requests swiftly

The Subject Access Request Assistant helps companies save costs and time spent in responding to requests regarding personal data from individuals. The tool ensures companies comply with GDPR in an effective and standardized manner.

Claim Management Assistant

Manage claims efficiently

The Claim Management Assistant serves as a single window solution for claim handlers to successfully process any variety of claims within the legally required timeline. The tool automatically handles reminders and documentation needs of all more ...

Accident Investigation Assistant

Respond to accidents appropriately

An Accident Investigation Assistant is designed to provide a quick, through and consistent approach for your business when reporting, investigating and responding to both customer and employee accidents.

CCPA Privacy Notice Generator

Comply with CCPA privacy policy easily

The CCPA Privacy Notice Generator generates privacy notices that are fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). It replaces the manual re-drafting of these notices for websites and online forms and ensures overall compliance.


BeschlĂĽsse einfach und schnell generieren

Mit dem BRYTER Corporate Housekeeping-Tool zur Erstellung von Gesellschafterbeschlüssen können formrichtige GmbH-Gesellschafterbeschlüsse in wenigen Schritten automatisch generiert werden.

Bradford Factor Calculator

Manage employee absences effectively

The Bradford Factor Calculator allows HR departments to automatically calculate individual absence scores. With these scores, businesses can spot absence patterns and engage with employees early to find mutually beneficial solutions.  

Jurisdiction Assessor

Know your courts immediately

Litigators spend valuable time on manually identifying the competent court in which to file their suit. The Jurisdiction Assessor automates this task of identifying the correct court and venue - taking into account hierarchy, subject matter and more ...

Expenses Reimbursement Tool

Manage expenses easily

The Expenses Reimbursement Tool automates the process of filing expenses and claiming reimbursement from employers. Employees often have to go through their employer’s reimbursement and expense policies to find out which expenses can be reimbursed.

Paid Vacation Calculator

Know your holidays instantly

The Paid Vacation Calculator automates the task of calculating the number of paid vacation days an employee is entitled to per year. Companies often have complex formulas in place to calculate holiday entitlement depending on the level and role more ...

Negotiation Playbook Automator

Digitize your playbook

The Negotiation Playbook Automator enables the digitization of negotiation playbooks and helps to quickly check standard legal documents against such playbooks. The Playbook Automator’s integration with contract analysis tools saves countless more ...

Board Minutes Generator

Draft, approve and distribute board minutes instantly

The Board Minutes Generator automates the process of recording the minutes of a board meeting of a company. This cumbersome and error prone manual task is automated with the tool which, apart from just recording the minutes, can also seek more ...

Employment Contract Generator

Draft contracts instantly

The Employment Contract Generator lets companies draft contracts efficiently using a Q&A based workflow. It enables HR teams to automatically generate an employment contract that is fully compliant with applicable laws and internal policies.

Dawn Raid App

Guide your staff smoothly

The Dawn Raid App is a compliance tool that guides employees through essential information needed in the event of a dawn raid by antitrust authorities. It gives actionable advice during and after a dawn raid as well as for the subsequent more ...

Competitor Meeting Guide

Adhere to antitrust laws effortlessly

The Competitor Meeting Guide lets users assess whether they are violating antitrust or competition laws by discussing certain matters in a meeting with competitors or professional associations.

Export Compliance Guide

Comply with export control regimes easily

The Export Compliance Guide allows companies to ensure that exports of goods comply with restrictions posed by export control regimes. It assesses which export guidelines apply as the user provides certain information.

Data Privacy Notice Generator

Comply with GDPR easily

The Data Privacy Notice Generator generates notices that are fully compliant with applicable data protection laws. It replaces the manual drafting of these notices for websites and online forms which is an onerous and time-consuming task.

Senior Executive Classifier

Assess employee status efficiently

The Senior Executive Classifier automatically assesses an employee’s status in order to determine the applicability of certain legal regulations that outline post termination restrictions, notice periods and other obligations.

Transaction Signing Assistant

Execute your documents effortlessly

A Transaction Signing Assistant safely navigates law firms through the complex signing process of commercial and financial transactions. It ensures that all necessary steps in the course of a signing are carried out at the right time by the more ...

KYC Check Assistant

Assess business relationship risks instantly

A KYC Check Assistant allows organizations to rapidly collate all information necessary to assess the potential risks of a business relationship and replaces manual and time-consuming processes.

Foreign Merger Notification Advisor

Comply with antitrust notifications effortlessly

A Foreign Merger Notification Advisor helps antitrust and competition law teams to evaluate which local competition authorities need to be notified about a cross-border merger.

Cartel Fine Assessor

Assess antitrust risks accurately

The Cartel Fine Assessor lets companies estimate the applicable fines for infringements of competition laws that may be imposed by antitrust and competition authorities.

Case Management Assistant

Handle litigation smoothly

A Case Management Assistant serves as a single window solution for litigators to successfully process any variety of claims within the legally required timeline. The tool automatically handles reminders and documentation needs of all claims and more ...

Sales Agreement T&C Generator

Ensure consistency across agreements

A Sales Agreement T&C Generator lets sales departments draft sales agreements that are up-to-date and in line with the company’s policies without having to consult the legal department.

Lease Suite Generator

Automate all lease related documents

The Lease Suite Generator automates the production of leases and supplementary documents and saves countless hours for users. The tool generates all such documents via a single interface avoiding the need for manual drafting.

Corporate Representation Assessor

Identify authorized signatories effortlessly

As a self-serve solution, the Corporate Representation Assessor assists users in determining who can act as authorized signatory regarding a specific document.

Legal Department Feedback Survey

Conduct internal surveys effortlessly

The Legal Department Feedback Survey automates the process of collecting and processing feedback from internal clients regarding the performance of a legal department. The BRYTER tool enables legal departments to prepare and conduct surveys more ...

Business Entity Advisor

Register your business

The Business Entity Advisor automates the assessment process to determine which type of company best suits a given business project. As the pros and cons of different company types can be difficult to navigate and depend to a large extent on the more ...

Employee Reference Generator

Generate fully compliant letters quickly

The Employee Reference Generator lets HR departments generate customized employee references. The modular logic enables fast generation of reference letters that comply with legal requirements and internal policies.

Insider Trading Advisor

Prevent insider trading easily

The Insider Trading Advisor helps individuals who regularly deal with insider information to evaluate their share purchase decisions against the internal guidelines on insider trading by converting complex guidelines into actionable suggestions more ...

Lawsuit Filing Checklist

Vet your court filing thoroughly

The Lawsuit Filing Checklist enables litigating lawyers to ensure that all the necessary checks and tasks due before filing a suit have been completed. This replaces the time-consuming process of going through printed checklists that litigation more ...

Vacation Application Tool

Know your holidays instantly

The Vacation Application Tool fully automates the application for and approval of vacation days to streamline the process of employees and HR exchanging emails to request and grant vacation days.

Employee Onboarding Assistant

Onboard your employees efficiently

The Employee Onboarding Assistant automates the task of orienting new employees during the initial days of employment at a company. The user-friendly and self-serving tool can be used for self-onboarding to reduce the need for manual guidance.

EU Collateral Directive Advisor

Comply with EU Collateral Directive consistently

The EU Collateral Directive Advisor aids parties to a financial transaction in identifying the applicability and consequences of laws that were enacted to implement the Financial Collateral Arrangements Directive (2002/47/EC).

VAT Invoice Checker

Produce legally consistent invoices effortlessly

The VAT Invoice Checker checks incoming invoices for their legally prescribed content which is a mandatory prerequisite for input tax deduction in many EU member states.

Fiscal Residence Checker

Know your fiscal residence immediately

The Fiscal Residence Checker helps tax professionals identify the country where a person’s income is taxable under double-taxation treaties modelled after Art. 15 OECD Model Convention.

Gun Jumping Assessor

Comply with antitrust laws effortlessly

A Gun Jumping Assessor aids merging firms that are awaiting clearance from competition law authorities to understand their obligations in the time period between signing and completion.

Employment Verification Letter Generator

Generate employment confirmation letters instantly

The Employment Verification Letter Generator enables HR staff to issue employment verification letters at a fraction of the time it would take to draft them manually. It provides an end-to-end solution that automatically drafts the letter, more ...

HR Incident Handler

Streamline handling of employee incidents

The HR Incident Handler is designed to streamline the way your business deals with employee incidents. It can automatically generate emails and documents to notify respective employees in relation to the issues at hand.