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BRYTER Open, free of charge

With the BRYTER Open program we make the power of our platform technology available for free – to boost access to justice and education

From the very beginning, our vision has been to enable experts to deliver know-how wherever and whenever. This meant we first needed to build a powerful and enterprise-grade software, which could be used by some of the world’s largest organizations. Our technology needed to be both intuitive for those without coding skills to use and powerful enough to enable the seamless and rapid delivery of expertise.

Deriving from this vision is our desire to equally support our community and our story: education, access to knowledge and access to justice.

The right education for the future

We believe that technology already forms a core part of life and will play an ever greater role in the future. In that vein, technology will be a core part of education. Technology is profoundly changing the course of industries and professions. This is not a one-off, once-in-lifetime event but a constant, never-ending process that requires our participation. In a digital future, experts in compliance, tax, consulting, law and administration must work increasingly hand-in-hand with technology and digital systems. The fast, easy and cost-effective distribution of knowledge in digital infrastructures – both in business and the public sector – will be the core skill of future professionals.

We are experiencing first-hand from our corporate and consultancy customers the need for not only technology but also the people trained in bringing it to use. We are seeing a huge, unanswered demand for skills and knowledge in this area. However, we are also seeing a lack of skills and opportunities for digital education in these respective industries. In a world in which institutions are slow to catch up, we want to do our part in supporting them as much as we can:

Image: Student Hackathon in Ashurst

For academic institutions and student teams, we provide free access to a community version of our platform for projects that are eligible. We want to allow everyone to learn how digitization can work in the compliance and regulatory world, to bring automation to the fore and to empower people to build applications that would normally take months, in hours. Ultimately, we want to enable people to deliver their services digitally.

As part of this, we want to put some of the most powerful technological toolsets into the hands of the most important participants of, and contributors to the future: students.

Giving access to knowledge – is giving access to justice

Knowledge has long been a privilege and a source of power and wealth. From the creation of the first libraries to the distribution of open knowledge, societies have always benefited from access to knowledge and education. One of the most important aspects of this has been access to administrative and regulatory knowledge that has a direct impact on our lives, through knowing one’s rights and being able to benefit from them.  

Image: European Lawyers in Lesvos

Knowing and claiming your rights is a pre-requisite for peaceful, educated civilizations. In a world in which knowledge is still the privilege of the haves, we want to help those who make the biggest impact, those who play a major part in distributing knowledge: organizations charged with helping others. NGOs and non-profit organizations are equally invited to use BRYTER Open, to benefit from the platform to build digital tools and applications to make knowledge and advice of experts accessible to those who most need it. Using BRYTER will enable these organizations to disseminate knowledge and access to justice through automation for the have nots.

Get a BRYTER Account for free

Academic institutions, associations and NGO are eligible to sign up for BRYTER for free. If you would like to use BRYTER, please contact us by clicking the button below. Please include details of your university or organization and a brief description of what you are looking to build with BRYTER. We look forward to hearing from you.