No-code for law firms

The secret weapon for modernising legal and compliance operations

What is inside the whitepaper?

In BRYTER’s series of whitepapers, we explore issues facing the legal profession when it comes to creating digital solutions, and how no-code enables any legal professional to build tools that deliver savings and value.

An introduction to no-code

The no-code concept removes the key blocking points that prevent anyone in a business creating practical task-focused tools that solve their problems.

A brief history of the road to no-code

No-code isn’t new, and you may be familiar with legacy tools, but the modern cloud enables smarter tools to be created, tested and deployed faster than ever before. 

No-code in business

CIOs and department leaders seek rapid solutions to their business problems, something no-code can help deliver, with clear ROI, also helping build foundations for future automation. 

How no-code supports legal and compliance

Decision-makers in corporate legal and compliance can use no-code to encourage development, participation and to help distribute knowledge across the company.

What no-code helps Law Firms build

No-code helps compliance experts participate in one of the most promising and fast-growing tech areas, the digitization of enterprise services.