The Lawsuit Filing Checklist enables litigating lawyers to ensure that all the necessary checks and tasks due before filing a suit have been completed. This replaces the time-consuming process of going through printed checklists that litigation teams often use to ensure that all procedures are followed.

With BRYTER, law firms can build a digital Lawsuit Filing Checklist that will quickly accomplish this task without manual checks. From paying the necessary fees, to securing the right signatures and serving notices to other parties, all tasks can be verified digitally in order to ensure a suit is properly filed. The tool significantly reduces the risk of errors in the filing process and implements a consistent approach across the firm.

How it works


Provide information

The user inputs details of the suit in an interactive questionnaire. The tool collects hereby all the necessary information at the outset to ensure all outstanding tasks are identified.

Receive checklist

The tool assesses the provided information and automatically prepares a digital checklist for the user.


Automate approvals

In addition to ensuring that legally required tasks are identified, the tool can also be built to remind users of any internal tasks, such as seeking approval. For every checklist that is successfully generated, a copy can be automatically uploaded to the relevant matter in the document management system for future reference.