The Brexit: New Business Rules Guide assesses the areas of your business which will be impacted by the new rules coming into force on the 1st of January 2021 and provides guidance to help your business prepare to operate within the law following the Brexit transition period.


On the 1st of January 2020, the one year ‘transition period’ began. This period was to give the UK time to prepare for finally leaving the EU on the 1st of January 2021. With the end of the transition period, new rules are coming into place that affect both individuals and businesses. These new rules are wide-ranging in their impact, from intellectual property and data privacy rights, to immigration requirements and customs declarations for importing/exporting goods.

To avoid adverse consequences and to ensure business operations remain within the law, companies urgently require a full review of their position ahead of the transition period ending so they can be ready for the new rules. As many businesses operate in different areas which will be affected by the new rules, a full manual review of current areas of law which affect the business and how they are changing would be a time-consuming and onerous task.

With BRYTER’s Brexit: New Business Rules Guide, businesses can quickly and easily receive tailored guidance on how the new rules will affect their business when they come into force on the 1st of January 2021. This application will produce a report of the areas of the business which will be impacted, and what the business needs to do to prepare for the new rules. As a final output, the user receives a full report, and all inputs and results are captured within the tool’s own analytics dashboard. Due to the open architecture of the BRYTER platform, the tool’s modular logic can easily be tailored to specific types of business or modified if the rules change at a later date.


Automated & Standardized

The Brexit: New Business Rules Guide automatically produces a standardized report with guidance based on the user’s input.

24/7 availability

The Brexit: New Business Rules Guide can be accessed by any business at any time.


The Brexit: New Business Rules Guide can easily be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure so that results can for example be written back into existing databases and BI tools.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Brexit: New Business Rules Guide may accommodate a company’s unique position if it falls out with the standard instances covered by the application. The BRYTER Platform gives unparalleled opportunities for customization.

How it works


Go through Q&A

Through a customizable and user-friendly questionnaire, all relevant information regarding yourself as an individual and your business is collected. The inputs then determine which logic is applied to provide an assessment.

Receive assessment

A full assessment report is automatically generated based on the inputted information. This includes the answers you provided with accompanying guidance on what you need to do to prepare for the new rules coming into effect from the 1st of January 2021.


Keep up to date

The open architecture of the BRYTER platform allows the application to be updated continuously in the background ensuring that the results are always in-line with new rules.