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Knowledge Engineering

We know that documents are at the core of regulatory professionals – so we provide professional support in analytics, automation and management of documents at scale.

BRYTER is the leading framework for knowledge engineers (legal engineers). This profession is a hybrid role, combining the specific subject-matter expertise (legal, compliance, accounting, HR), developer and project management skillsets. A knowledge engineer interfaces with lawyers, IT and clients to deliver on a digital solution – often in a versatile and time-sensitive environment. These roles will become increasingly important as business service firms (law firms, consultancies, etc.) and in-house departments are increasingly underpinning their businesses with digital solutions.

BRYTER’s Knowledge Engineering Team offers different services to help organisations and individuals to develop and enhance their legal engineering capabilities:

  • Training and education of knowledge engineers in a “training on the job” concept
  • Offering a Summer School to train up future engineers in an immersive 2-week experience
  • Supporting existing knowledge engineering teams through training and interactive formats
  • Providing engineering services for specific projects
  • Supporting projects or teams in times of capacity peaks
  • Testing, enhancing or quality assessing existing solutions
  • Offering integration services

If you are interested in one of the above services, you can reach out to Knowledge Engineering Team.