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Are you interested in receiving a ready-built application immediately? Do you need help in developing complex modules? Contact us for support in delivering applications on time.

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We know that that time is sometimes scarce – especially in highly volatile and time-sensitive projects. Sometimes it makes sense to outsource parts of a software building process to reduce overhead and to compensate for capacity peaks.  As BRYTER seeks to support its clients in every dimension possible we offer a “Building as a Service” (BaaS).

This service can be used by every customer on specific projects. Such a service may include the following support:

  • Ideation and scoping of specific projects and tools
  • User testing and feedback gathering
  • Rapid prototyping and data flow mapping
  • End-to-end building service
  • Quality checks and assurances
  • Tool and flow improvements
  • Frontend development and embedding
  • Integration services

BaaS can also be used as a “learning on the job” concept. The service can be used to upskill your own staff during a project and enable them to continue with the project independently.

If you are interested in our BaaS, please get in touch with our Business Services Team to get more information and to get your project done.