Linklaters Nakhoda Co-Founder to head BRYTER Financial Services Unit

With the hire of Partha Mudgil as head of the new financial services unit, we are expanding into additional markets.

London, June 9th, 2020  

We are very happy to announce that we are expanding our operations into the financial services sector with a dedicated unit. Partha Mudgil has joined our team as the Head of Financial Services Unit, and will be leading its global rollout and operations.

In this new position based in London, Partha will be responsible for the development of products and services dedicated to financial services customers, globally.  

Our rapid, international and cross-sector growth has shown an increased need for automation and digital solutions in a number of industries. This has been especially true for the financial services area, where BRYTER has already been working closely with banks like ING and consultancies such as PwC and KPMG. Therefore, our Financial Services Unit will develop targeted financial services solutions, ranging from bespoke self-service regulatory compliance and risk frameworks to more commoditized automation products for LIBOR repapering and credit application assessments, among others.

The Financial Services Unit will lead on integration, rollout and adoption of BRYTER’s technology within financial service customers. We already have a team of dedicated experts from global financial institutions, consultancies and payment service providers, who have an intimate understanding of this ecosystem. The team will have a global remit, headquartered and overseen from London, which continues to be a global financial hub.

Partha has many years of experience in the legal and financial services sectors. He joins our team at BRYTER from Linklaters’ tech arm Nakhoda that he co-founded in 2017 and ran as its COO, overseeing a team of 40+ lawyers, developers and business service experts. With Partha, Nakhoda pioneered the fusion of best-in-class legal domain expertise with cutting-edge technology to build a highly innovative SaaS business, deploying an intuitive user experience to rapidly build market share among the world’s largest banks. Nakhoda’s award-winning negotiation products are used across 20+ Fortune Global 500 companies and 8 of the world’s 10 largest banks today – a clear signal of an appetite for smart automation products in this space.

Partha joined Linklaters in 2012, practicing as a Banking and Finance lawyer before co-founding Nakhoda and running the unit full time in 2017. He has extensive experience advising financial institutions on lending transactions and financial regulatory matters. This background, combined with his experience of building Nakhoda, lends itself to working closely with our customers to develop financial services products. Partha studied law at the University of Cambridge and worked with international organizations such as the World Bank and the FAO before joining Linklaters. He is a qualified solicitor and a member of the Law Society of England & Wales.

“Partha impressed us with his achievements in the market that we have followed for a while. In building, scaling and running one of the most successful legal tech units in London, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of both the legal and financial services markets, technology, business operations and a passion for entrepreneurship. This is both incredibly valuable and rare”, says Michael Grupp, CEO of BRYTER. “We are honored and excited to welcome him as the head of our Financial Services Unit.”

Micha-Manuel Bues, CCO at BRYTER, adds: “Our ongoing work with banks and consultancies has helped us understand the challenges large organizations face in leveraging digitization, not just in the legal and compliance domains, but also in building linkages across teams and business areas. With the Financial Services Unit, and Partha’s cross-sectoral expertise, we bring renewed focus to our financial services customers and help them truly leverage automation in previously under-served parts of their businesses.”

“BRYTER fills a critical and growing gap in the market between domain experts, who have the invaluable knowledge to build complex systems, and technology required to do so – hampered by costs, infrastructure and lack of human capital. BRYTER represents a step change in that ecosystem, allowing these key experts, with a deep understanding of their sectors and institutions, to “productize” their knowledge and build automation systems”, says Partha. “I am hugely impressed by the simplicity and the power of BRYTER’s no-code platform, and could immediately see how it would accelerate decision-making and knowledge management across financial services. BRYTER’s excellent reputation in this sector, which it has gained through its work with leading consultancies, law firms and banks, shows a clear demand for its solutions in the market and I am excited to be part of this journey.”

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