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Automating modern regulation: ECE Hackathon with Hogan Lovells

Bringing together business know-how to brainstorm and collaboratively develop automatable software solutions can provide a great return on investment.

In a hackathon organized by our customer, Hogan Lovells LLP, jointly with the project development company ECE, participants from legal, regulatory, finance and other departments used our no-code automation platform to devleop digital solutions to automate decision-making within their company.

Onsite hackathon at ECE HQ

On 4 September, professionals from across various ECE business areas came together to participate in a hackathon. The goal for the day was to build digital solutions for specific business use cases in order to streamline and boost efficiency. 

The problem descriptions were brought by different departments and the participants were charged to build solutions that automate recurring decisions and thus generate time efficiencies within the business. Using the BRYTER platform, the team were challenged to deliver their product after only 5 hours. 

Participants were split into working groups and shown the basic building blocks of our software, such as how to create nodes and transitions.  

Reimagining long-standing business processes

Before getting access to the BRYTER platform, participants first put pen to whiteboard to brainstorm and conceptualize the logic and architecture of their solutions. 

Building decision automation tools, participants often realize that the challenge lies not so much in the tech, but more in the actual legal content that needs to be readily formalized. For the participants, domain expertise, strategic thinking and creativity was required to find useful and applicable solutions to the problems of individual specialist departments. 

Participants worked in different roles: While one of each group handled the mouse and keys, other were vocal in the implementation of their solutions. Our Customer Success team helped facilitate the day, resolving any questions as they arose.  

Nico Kuhlmann, Legal Tech expert at Hogan Lovells supported the participants and organizers with his expertise and introduction to the BRYTER tool. As HoganLovells has already gained experience in using BRYTER and applying the platform for rapid development, the law firm was able to guide and support the development.  

For ECE, the event was an intense insight into legal engineering and a great experience altogether.  

The teams showed great commitment and presented great results. In the end, we took many exciting ideas and new food for thought with us.

Yves Krog, Legal Counsel at ECE

It was an impressive experience for everyone involved. Participants experienced firsthand how to turn abstract ideas into actionable, ready-to-deploy applications in little time, while collectively brainstorming on the intersection of business expertise, operational know-how and technical application.  

If you’re interested in holding a hackathon in your company, please reach out to us.