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Digital Transformation

BRYTER is the leading enabler for business service providers and in-house departments to transform their businesses and way of delivering services.

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    Professional business firms need to rethink their way of doing business. They need to digitally transform the way services are delivered, products are built, revenue is generated, clients are retained, communication is done and how people work. This is both a challenge and a chance: while digital transformation puts current business and delivery models to the test, it is also a big opportunity to free resources and allow business units to scale, measure and learn in unprecedented ways.

    BRYTER enables digital transformation in corporate in-house departments as well as in professional service firms. It supports domain and subject matter experts, developers and project managers to all digitally transform the core of their service and knowledge delivery.

    BRYTER’s no-code platform assists in transforming professional service firms and corporate in-house departments in numerous ways:

    • It forms the technological platform on which professional service firms can easily deliver digital services and build digital tools (assets) for their clients.
    • It is an intuitive and easy-to-use toolbox that can be used by all business experts – without any coding skills.
    • It extends professional service firms reach and “workbench” directly to their clients and partners.
    • It allows for “quick wins” and fast iterations through rapid visualization and prototyping to hit the nerve with the client.
    • It’s no-code environment reduces the cost and time involved with digital projects significantly.
    • It allows business experts to easily share, manage and distribute expertise within an organisation.
    • It forms the technical backbone for event-driven, hands-on innovation projects such as hackathons and workshops.
    • It is a unifying platform that allows hybrid teams to work on the same projects and to ensure that everyone in the team can be involved in digital transformation.

    BRYTER works with some of the most successful and prestigious business service firms and corporates. Our Business Transformation Team is looking forward to showcasing some of our digital transformation success stories.