Restructuring & Insolvency

The structured and administrative nature of restructuring and insolvency make it an ideal area for digitization and process automation. No-code automation can be a key advantage.

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    Restructuring and insolvency lawyers are working in a demanding area of the law, as it covers a wide range of different areas including banking, commercial and litigation. Large volume-transactions lead to time-consuming, often inefficient handling that is also error prone.

    For experts in the restructuring and insolvency area, the quick, effortless and transparent implementation of technology is a key advantage:

    • Numerous decision-making processes and proceedings can be represented through process automation.
    • Deadlines and due dates can be calculated and controlled automatically
    • Necessary forms, contracts and requests can be generated through automation-assisted processes
    • Necessary content and decision are mostly previsible and can be supported by digitization
    • The collaborative proceedings involving several parties and stakeholders can be streamlined and facilited
    • The close proximity of restructuring and insolvency law, especially the state-defined proceeedings require clear definition and handling and are hence very apt for digital representaiton and automation, comparable to the administration automation processes in the public sector

    The BRYTER platform is applied in several ways:

    • Keep control: Manage large proceedings via a central platform, ensuring that processes are consistent and accurate. 
    • Scale knowledge: Standardize decision-making processes and thereby scale their execution while maintaining the quality of execution. 
    • Free up resources: Automation of standardized processes frees up valuable resources and thereby enables experts to focus on high value work. 
    • Minimize errors: Possible error sources which are inherent in manual processes can already be taken into account during the creation of applications with BRYTER so that in live operation a uniform quality is guaranteed across any number of cases.