Real Estate

Automation helps real estate professionales to leverage industry decisions and housekeeping as well as regulatory compliance. Numerous areas thrive through digital innovation.

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    With the rise of Proptech, the real estate industry’s key players are slowly waking up to the fact that digital transformation is a necessity, not a choice. As a result there has been investment in technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, develop better customer relationships and make use of data better. However, some of the same challenges persist including:

    The acquisition, disposal and management of real estate assets and portfolios can be time-consuming and expensive. In all areas of real estate practice there are commoditized elements of the workflow which are relatively low margin producing. BRYTER enables a more cost-effective service and delivery by streamlining lease reviews and reporting, lease and supplemental agreement generation and provides an interactive interface for asset managers to self-serve.

    How can BRYTER help real estate professionals?

    1. Document-centric: BRYTER combines logic with complex content to generate house-style
outputs such as leases, licences, reports, spreadsheets etc.
    2. Integrated Processes and Workflows: Develop tools that streamline lease review, negotiation 
and execution and integrate into your organization’s asset management database.
    3. Self-service offering: Support business users with self-service solutions to streamline the 
way contracts, leases and supplemental agreements are entered into by your organization
and ensure compliance with your standard terms.

    BRYTER offers the following benefits for Real Estate professionals:

    1. Faster development: BRYTER’s no-code platform allows you to focus on developing asset 
management solutions without the need to involve external developers to speed up the period
between ideation and delivery.
    2. Highly customizable: Build solutions that are tailored to your property business with custom 
themes and integrations; all applications can easily be amended and maintained over time.