No-code automation helps organisations to streamline procurement processes and ensuring contracts entered into are compliant with in-house and regulatory frameworks.  

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    As a result of digital transformation initiatives, procurement professionals will be required to work more seamlessly with other departments due to an uptake of digital tools and services. However, they face several challenges:

    • Consistency: stakeholders and departments collaboration is often disjointed, meaning that compliance is at risk and that the time it takes to procure is significantly longer than it needs to be
    • A lack of visibility: without being able to see what’s required in the procurement process can lead to uncertainty.

    This is where BRYTER comes in.

    Organizations leverage BRYTER to streamline their procurement process, ensure contracts entered into with third parties are compliant with their house-style framework and manage and maintain renewals. Without the need for programming skills, procurement professionals can easily streamline the procurement process with BRYTER, including contract negotiation, renewal approval process and sign-off, as well as ensure all stakeholders involved in the process are able to collaborate. Ultimately, this allows organizations to expedite the procurement process, enabling a faster and less time-intensive process around entering into and maintaining contracts with third parties.  

    How can BRYTER help procurement departments?

    1. Integrated Processes and Workflows: Develop tools that streamline contract playbooks, processes and workflows and integrate into your organization’s contract database to ensure all contract records are kept up-to-date.  
    2. Self-service offering: Support the overall business with self-service solutions to streamline procurement process and ensure contracts entered into by your organization comply with your standard terms.  

    BRYTER offers the following benefits for procurement professionals:  

    1. Faster development: BRYTER’s no-code platform allows you to focus on developing a procurement solution without the need to involve external developers to speed up the period between ideation and delivery.  
    2. Highly customizable: Build solutions that are tailored to your business with custom themes and integrations; all applications can easily be amended and maintained over time.