People & HR

For the people centered functions, automation brings significant advantages in managing, controlling and shaping regulation, freeing resources for the human factor.

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    Digital transformation is changing the way human resources operates: from the way the function hires, retains and develops talents, to the use of analytics to raise performance. HR is a core component of the business, and as such the way it behaves sets the tone for the rest of the business – it is key that the function is on board with the business’ overall digitization.

    However, there are several challenges they face:

    • Difficulty in adapting HR processes to a new digital environment; consistency across the organization is made more problematic if processes have not been digitized or mapped towards a new digital environment
    • Lack of automation hinders the ability to ensure a fair HR process is always in place
    • Enabling the function to be proactive rather than reactive is not possible with a one-way interface

    This is where BRYTER comes in.

    Organization’s leverage BRYTER to streamline their human resources (HR) function, ensuring both internal procedures and policies as well as external hiring are consistent and compliant with the business’ overall framework. Without the need for programming skills, HR professionals can easily streamline their processes with BRYTER, including information gathering from the business approvals and determinations, as well as ensure all stakeholders involved in the process are able to collaborate.

    For instance, HR departments can automate the handling of employee incidents in a consistent and compliant manner as well as escalate issues where necessary. Ultimately, this allows organizations to ensure a fair HR process is applied consistently across the organization when it comes to internal and external matters. It also enables organizations to reduce the time it takes to operate their HR process, enabling a faster and less time-intensive process around the collection, record and issuance of employee-related materials.  

    In summary, BRYTER can help HR departments with: 

    1. Integrated Processes and Workflows: Develop tools that streamline HR processes and workflows and integrate into your organization’s ERP system to ensure all records are kept up-to-date.  
    2. Faster development: BRYTER’s no-code platform allows you to focus on developing an HR solution without the need to involve external developers to speed up the period between ideation and delivery.  
    3. Highly customizable: Build solutions that are tailored to your business with custom themes and integrations; all applications can easily be amended and maintained over time.