The legal work is changing: With the availability of no-code automation and rule-based applications legal services can become scalable and interactive commodities.

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    Legal functions have adopted new technologies in the last few years as they strive towards digital transformation, but this has been at a slow pace and often has not led to a streamlining of mundane and repetitive processes. As a result, the strategic value of the function has not been exploited to its maximum potential.

    Some of the key challenges the legal functions face include:

    • Lack of automation: Most of the tasks and processes are still manual and paper-based  
    • Legal work is complex: Legal advice and processes are complex and content-rich  
    • Lack of IT: Most legal departments struggle with sufficient IT resources  
    • Limited reach: The lack of automation results in a limited reach in the business  
    • Lack of transparency: Manual and paper-based processes are difficult to track  
    • Increased risk: The lack of transparency results in potentially higher unknown risks  
    • Lack of KPIs: Most legal functions struggle to appropriately measure their performance metrics and develop a reporting structure

    This is where BRYTER comes in.

    BRYTER is specifically geared towards complex legal tasks, workflows, processes and decision-making (reasoning). BRYTER includes all the features necessary to automate recurring problems lawyers and other business experts face in legal departments – all without the need for programming expertise.

    Why lawyers and other legal experts need BRYTER?  

    • Complex automation: BRYTER is able to capture complex expertise, reasoning and scoring  
    • Scenario-based: BRYTER can automate highly interdependent and conditional scenarios typical for legal work and advice  
    • Document-centric: BRYTER combines logic with complex content to generate bespoke outputs such as documents, contracts, reports, etc.  
    • Connected: BRYTER can connect to existing IT-infrastructure and data bases to formulate structured data  
    • Integrated: BRYTER is interoperable and integrates with all major legal tech providers to enable you to create integrated solutions  
    • Enterprise-ready: BRYTER meets the highest standards of performance and security