Using BRYTER, professional service providers and organizations are easily leveraging digital transformation and automation to the benefit of their employees and customers.

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    While insurers have adopted new technologies that help to assess risk far more effectively, they are still facing challenges of digitization in other areas of the business where data is key. Digital transformation requires an organization to reconsider the way it generates and uses data across all verticals of a business.

    For those working in the legal or compliance divisions of an insurer, or for  those consulting on digital transformation in the insurance industry, the alignment of domain specific knowledge with compliance knowledge will be a key advantage. This is all the more important for global insurance companies and those that specialize in specific types of insurance, as the need to ensure an even larger rule-based functioning increases across borders and sectors.

    Digitization and automation can change this quite significantly. Organizations that fully embrace digital transformation, will be able to ensure that that their legal and compliance employees are using data effectively.

    Rapid application development and no-code automation provide significant benefits:

    • Spread knowledge: BRYTER enables insurance companies to make important knowledge resources available to anyone in insurance companies at any time and thereby breaks up silos of hidden knowledge. 
    • Gain insights: Get a transparent overview of how legal processes work by controlling them via central intake tools and measuring and evaluating KPIs. 
    • Raise service level: Easily automate communication and servicing processes not within insurance companies but also externally towards customers through process automation. 
    • Benefits: Polymorphism: BRYTER offers you a wide range of possibilities for making digital tools available to the end user. Depending on the target group, this can be either a web or mobile app or even a chatbot. 
    • Visualize data: Create an individually configurable dashboard that gives you real-time insight into running processes and allows you to identify potential weaknesses before they materialize.