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Financial Services

Organizations leverage no-code automation to streamline their finance function and interactively ensure consistency of approval and billing processes.

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    Finance professionals should be empowered by digital transformation rather than being reduced to an efficiency-first support role. However, in order to do that, they will have to add value to the business in new ways.

    Some of the challenges they face include:

    • Keeping pace with the digital changes in other departments and in client organisations – automation, self-service and real-time reporting will become the norm
    • Breaking down siloes: collaborating with stakeholders is currently difficult
    • Delayed payments affect the reputation of the overall organization, and professionals rather than processes are often blamed

    This is where BRYTER comes in.

    Organizations can leverage BRYTER to streamline their finance function, ensuring the approvals and billing process remain consistent. Without the need for programming skills, finance professionals can easily streamline their process with BRYTER, including information gathering from the business and sign-off, as well as ensure all stakeholders involved in the process are able to collaborate. Ultimately, this allows organizations to reduce the time it takes to operate their finance process enabling a faster and less time-intensive process around the collection, record and issuance of payments.

    How can BRYTER help finance departments?

    1. Integrated Processes and Workflows: Develop tools that streamline finance processes and workflows and integrate into your organization’s accounting, billing and payments system to ensure all finance entries, payments and records are kept up-to-date.  
    2. Faster development: BRYTER’s no-code platform allows you to focus on developing a finance solution without the need to involve external developers to speed up the period between ideation and delivery.  
    3. Highly customizable: Build solutions that are tailored to your business with custom themes and integrations; all applications can easily be amended and maintained over time.