Financial Services

Turn institutional knowledge into scalable, interactive, digital solutions.

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    Financial services institutions use BRYTER’s no-code technology to turn institutional knowledge into scalable, interactive, digital solutions, to execute faster and better manage regulatory risk.

    Some of the challenges financial services firms face include:

    • Inaccessible institutional knowledge. Experts are unable to easily and quickly input on transactions or decisions, leading to delays and inefficiencies.
    • Updating policies and guidance. Responding to changes in regulation and business needs, from Brexit to LIBOR, is a time-consuming and expensive process requiring significant manual effort.
    • A lack of actionable data. Good data means good business decisions. Current workflows do not generate the analytics needed for improving processes and reporting.

    How BRYTER helps.

    BRYTER helps financial services institutions leverage institutional knowledge and navigate a complex regulatory landscape.

    • Speed up contract review with end-to-end workflows. Save thousands of hours in manual review with fully integrated workflows for regulatory transitions like LIBOR. Use BRYTER as a standalone workflow, or as the “glue” that integrates various technologies, from AI extraction to databases.
    • Scale institutional knowledge. Convert static and inaccessible knowledge banks into interactive, guided workflows and playbooks. With document generation and email notifications, BRYTER helps teams scale institutional knowledge for faster, more consistent negotiations, contract review and decision making.
    • Better manage regulatory risk. Turn compliance and business rules into automated processes to better manage risk by efficiently and consistently collecting, assessing and reporting across the organization.