Today’s antitrust landscape can benefit significantly from interactive applications: Both supporting antitrust proceedings as well as guiding through antitrust regulatory frameworks.

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    Antitrust professionals and lawyers are likely to see their work ramping up in the coming years with a greater demand for aggressive enforcement, challenges to mergers and acquisitions and the complexity around data usage. Those that work in the anti-trust function are facing a myriad of challenges, which are likely to be compounded by a greater workload. These include:

    • On the business side:  
      • Lack of standardized processes: Enterprise businesses rarely have effective processes in place to prevent and identify antitrust issues  
      • Requirement for immediate response in high-stake scenarios: when authorities come knocking businesses often require immediate legal support  
      • Increased risk: The lack of easy-to-access standard processes results in potentially higher risks during unexpected investigations  
    • On the legal side:  
      • Cross-border enforcement: antitrust laws are state and country specific and are frequently amended which hampers compliance  
      • Full overview: when it comes to high stake litigation law firms require a full view of all compliance efforts and measures taken by their client  
      • Tools for instant support: most law firms don’t have a digital gateway in place where clients can request immediate assistance  

    The key challenge for all of those working within antitrust is essentially preparedness  – whether that is through being able to immediately respond to authorities or clients, or whether that is having a transparent view of processes, or compliance efforts and measures.

    BRYTER streamlines the handling of sophisticated processes and workflows with multiple stakeholders across different jurisdictions for antitrust professionals, without the need for programming expertise.

    Here is what the no-code platform can do for you:  

    • Scenario-based: BRYTER allows to automate highly interdepended and conditional scenarios which tailor to a clients’ specific needs  
    • Complex automation: BRYTER is able to capture complex expertise, reasoning and scoring  
    • 24/7 access: Clients are able to use a BRYTER based application at any time and from any device  
    • Multiple parties: a law firm can automatically be notified and receive a full summary of all information which has been entered be the business user in scenarios such as dawn raids where immediate attention is required  
    • Integrated: BRYTER integrates into all major legal tech providers and allows to build integrated solutions  
    • Full audit trail: BRYTER gathers all input information entered by the user to give the admin group a complete overview and analysis of their custom data  
    • Enterprise-ready: BRYTER meets the highest standards of performance and security