Defined digital processes and structured data-accelerated operations increase the need for automation in accounting. There is a significant potential for time and cost cutting accounting applications

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    Accountants are having to deal with huge upheaval in their profession; regardless of jurisdiction there are huge tax reforms being made which are difficult to implement – including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act implementation in the US, and Making Tax Digital (MTD) and IR35 in the UK. These reforms are happening at a time when accountants are being told that they need to diversify their skillset to account for advances in technology and due to demand for strategic advice from clients.

    They’re being tasked with being able to use cloud accounting software and sophisticated business intelligence and analytical tools to make more of the data at their disposal, all while ensuring the data is kept secure. While accountants can be trained to use these new technologies, without any programming skills they may struggle to incorporate them into a streamlined process.

    This is where BRYTER comes in:

    BRYTER does not require programming skills – but it can automate and streamline the accounting function, ensuring the book-entry, approvals and billing processes remain consistent. The platform can enable teams to gather information from the business and sign-off, as well as ensure all stakeholders involved in the process are able to collaborate. Ultimately, this allows organisations to reduce the time it takes to operate their accounting process enabling a faster and less time-intensive process around the collection, record and issuance of payments.

    To summarise – here’s how BRYTER can help accounting departments:

    1. Integrated Processes and Workflows: Develop tools that streamline accounting processes and workflows and integrate into your organization’s accounting, billing and payments system to ensure payments and records are kept up-to-date.  
    2. Faster development: BRYTER’s no-code platform allows you to focus on developing an accounting solution without the need to involve external developers to speed up the period between ideation and delivery.  
    3. Highly customizable: Build solutions that are tailored to your business with custom themes and integrations; all applications can easily be amended and maintained over time.