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Working Student – Technical Recruiter (m/f/d)

Who are we?

The BRYTER platform enables legal and business experts to build and distribute powerful applications. Our technology is intuitive and simple for non-IT experts to understand within minutes, yet powerful enough and enterprise ready for industries with complex and demanding issues that require sophisticated solutions. BRYTER is especially designed for experts in law, finance, tax and compliance to empower them to automate and standardize decision-making.ย 

Being a Working Student with us

You will be part of our People team, and speficically will support our recruiting efforts in hiring a world class team.
After going through our onboarding process, you will …

  • help BRYTER’s teams put together their engaging job descriptions
  • support in sourcing amazing candidates
  • review incoming job applications
  • follow-up with candidates and keep them in the loop at all times to ensure they have an amazing candidate experience and get to know BRYTER as the best place to work, right from their first encounter with us
The BRYTER team at our October 2019 on-site
The BRYTER team at our October 2019 on-site. We’ve grown a bit since then ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who should apply?

No prior recruiting experience is required. We love working with people who are diligent, reliable, ambitious and keen to learn.

Furthermore, you…

  • possess excellent written and verbal English skills
  • are inquisitive and always friendly, no matter the urgency around you
  • enjoy being in contact with and engaging with lots of different people
  • are self-directed and feel comfortable working remotely. Collaborating via video and communicating a lot in written form is second nature to you.
  • bring a strong interest in understanding the basics of how modern tech teams work. No worries, we don’t expect you to learn to program, but you should not be afraid to try to understand the difference between Docker and Kubernetes.

How to apply?

Send us an email at careers@bryter.io, including a statement of motivation and your CV.

Please understand that for contractual reasons you must be based either in Germany or the UK.

What we offer

You’ll learn the basics of recruiting top-notch tech talent and support us in becoming even more effective & efficient in what we do.

This job is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a highly professional recruiting & people team, in one of Europe’s hottest startups.

Depending on your experience and interests you will be able to contribute to other working areas of BRYTER’s people team.

A flexible schedule that accommodates your study or other obligations. We expect this job to require at least 16-20 hours per week, and you will get paid on an hourly basis.