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Brand / Graphic Designer (m/f/d)

About your new job

At BRYTER, we help people automate their decision making. Behind this magic, we are a bunch of easy-going professionals who cherish and relish our fun and friendly working style. We are growing at lightning pace and the world’s largest brands and institutions are using our platforms, but have not forgotten how cold coffee, warm beer and handpicked apples taste like 🙌 We are in the process of nailing down our visual identity, in a few words we’d describe our style as “minimalistic yet striking”.

Bonus: we’re a remote-first company, so you can work from where you are. Or, you’re more than welcome to join us in one of our offices in Germany or the UK.

About you

We need a multidisciplinary Designer/Graphic Designer to come onboard and take a stake in our identity. Someone who can take our brand guidelines, and not only apply them across various mediums and platforms, but who can also further develop and refine them. You are truly passionate about the work you do and have a kickass portfolio. You take each task seriously, no matter the magnitude. You take real ownership.


  • Ninja-level typography skills. Our brand heavily relies on minimalistic, bold typography.
  • Ability to embrace a PowerPoint presentation one day and an all-LED exhibition stand the next. To take even a business card design seriously. Regardless of task type, we need that extra mile.
  • Proactive, hands-on approach to every-day design tasks. Extremely keen eye for detail and elegance in execution.
  • Autonomous working style, as well as strong multitasking and prioritisation skills.
  • Demonstrated experience on both the digital and print fronts.
  • Love and know-how for striking, minimalistic design.
  • Very good English skills and a friendly demeanour.
  • It’s a bonus if you can design sleek UIs too.

You’ll need to

  • Embrace and contribute to the evolution of our brand and visual language.
  • Help us redesign our existing branded materials (presentations, letterheads, hackathon materials, swag stuff, etc.).
  • Respond to a variety of design requests in a timely manner.
  • Help us develop our social media guidelines and design disruptive imagery for our posts.
  • Be ready for some fun design challenges (crazy event décor e.g. a makeover for a candyfloss machine).
  • Own it, appreciate straight feedback and give straight feedback.


Head of Design

Hi, I am Aaron, head of design here at BRYTER. I shape our brand and user experience, ensuring that all manner of interactions — regardless of medium — are consistent, intuitive and impactful. Over 12+ years as a professional designer, I’ve come to understand the incredible power empathy can have within a business context. As designers, we are powerhouses of empathy and we use it to both connect and disrupt — it’s a lot of fun, but also a big responsibility. Safeguarding design’s relevance and significance throughout the business is at the core of my role. Fortunately, there’s a profound appreciation and respect for design here at BRYTER. It’s reflected in the creative freedom designers get here, and in the great feedback we receive on our brand and product UX.

How to get hired

At BRYTER we run a so-called “team-hires-team” process. You will be interviewed by your potential future teammates of the Product Team. The decision of your employment will be solely made by your teammates and not by any manager. To be as transparent as possible, we will rate you in the following three criteria:

  1. Value-fit: You should embrace our value of continuous improvement. Feel free to have a look into our company handbook to get a better understanding of what that means for us.
  2. Tech: As a team we thrive to become better everyday. Therefore, we made it our goal to hire people who can teach us new things in at least one discipline. In your position this means you should be able to help Aaron grow in his branding and design skills. We will figure this out together in a dedicated tech interview.
  3. Diversity: We do not hire for culture-fit, instead we believe in the value of diversity. To think outside the box we need teammates that have different backgrounds and work experiences as we have right now. Diversity helps us to improve and achieve great things together.

More about BRYTER

We are a Software-as-a-Service company aiming to revolutionize the way people work through Expert Automation & AI. Our platform combines great usability with the power of artificial intelligence and enables users to build and deliver automation software without writing a single line of code. This helps employees in law, legal, compliance and other knowledge-intense departments to make their daily business significantly more efficient and transparent as it is today.

We are a remote-first company. Our team consists of highly experienced personalities who are spread all over Europe. We strive for a company culture that puts people first and helps everyone to become better every day. An open, trustful and welcoming team atmosphere makes sure everyone can bring in their talents. Regular 1on1s and retrospectives help us to improve continuously on a personal as well as on a team level.

If you want to work with us,
don’t hesitate to contact us!