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Backend Engineer (m/f/d)

About you and your new job

As a Backend Engineer you join our Product Development team to build BRYTER’s no-code editor, which allows users to create own software without knowing how to code. Together with Niklas and your teammates you will build functionalities that allow our users to cover the entire software development lifecycle so they can easily prototype, build, maintain, debug and deploy their own applications.

You will not only play an essential part in developing new features, but also work closely with our designers in the conception phase. The challenges our customers face when developing applications with our no-code editor are the same technical challenges you face daily in your job as a software developer. At BRYTER you have the chance to transfer your personal best- practices to the no-code world and provide our customers with easy-to-use tools to manage their BRYTER applications.

Besides building new features, you will also maintain and improve the existing codebase and infrastructure. You should have multiple years of coding experience and have already developed and maintained applications in production. We also value, if you have had experience in building a no-code platform or an IDE. Finally, experience with any of our core backend technologies like Kotlin, Spring Boot, Postgres, Keycloak and AWS, would be great as well.

Niklas Lochschmidt

Backend Engineer

“Hi, my name is Niklas. I am a Backend Engineer at BRYTER and I work on the services that are behind our frontend-heavy no-code Editor. I’m passionate about Agile Software Development and DevOps principles and I am looking forward to work with you to continuously improve our backend and overall system architecture. I am also looking forward to go deep into discussions around good software design and programming languages with you.”

How to get hired

At BRYTER we run a so-called “team-hires-team” process. You will be interviewed by your potential future teammates of the Product Team. The decision of your employment will be solely made by your teammates and not by any manager. To be as transparent as possible, we will rate you in the following three criteria:

  1. Value-fit: You should embrace our value of continuous improvement.Feel free to have a look into our company handbook to get a better understanding of what that means for us.
  2. Tech: As a team we thrive to become better every day. Therefore, we made it our goal to hire people who can teach us new things in at least one discipline. In your position this means you should be able to support us in managing and improving our backend and / or help us with your understanding of language design and software design patterns. We will figure this out together in a dedicated tech interview.
  3. Diversity: We do not hire for culture-fit,instead we believe in the value of diversity.To think outside the box we need teammates that have different backgrounds and work experiences as we have right now. Diversity helps us to improve and achieve great things together.

More about BRYTER

We are a Software-as-a-Service company aiming to revolutionize the way people work through Expert Automation & AI. Our platform combines great usability with the power of artificial intelligence and enables users to build and deliver automation software without writing a single line of code. This helps employees in law, legal, compliance and other knowledge-intense departments to make their daily business significantly more efficient and transparent as it is today.

We are a remote-first company. Our team consists of highly experienced personalities who are spread all over Europe. We strive for a company culture that puts people first and helps everyone to become better every day. An open, trustful and welcoming team atmosphere makes sure everyone can bring in their talents. Regular 1on1s and retrospectives help us to improve continuously on a personal as well as on a team level.

If you want to work with us,
don’t hesitate to contact us!