Law Firms

BRYTER enables law firms to package their knowledge in easy-to-use applications for clients without the need to write code or involve the IT department.

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    BRYTER is a solution for law firms that allows all areas of law to cater to their clients’ specific needs and make automation tools part of their primary offering.  Law firms can package their specialist knowledge in easy-to-use applications for clients without the need to write code or involve the IT department. The logic-based platform automates risk scoring and decision making for complex scenarios that are defined by the lawyers themselves. All applications meet the highest security standards and are fully customizable to meet enterprise requirements. In this way, law firms can scale their knowledge to fully tailor to and integrate with their clients’ businesses and offer legal advice immediately and efficiently while maintaining full control over the process. 

    How can BRYTER help law firms and their lawyers?

    1. Self-serve offering: Support inhouse legal teams and the overall business of your clients with self-serve solutions to streamline common legal enquiries and provide professional advice at scale. 
    2. Gateway for complex legal matters: Build tools that help clients provide all necessary information in a structured way to better assess their legal matters and collaborate with them for a faster and better service overall. 
    3. Integrated Processes and Workflows: Streamline knowledge, processes and workflows for your clients to integrate your services within the core IT platforms of their businesses and facilitate the assignment of new matters via the same. 
    4. Be the first to contact: Use interactive and easy-to-use BRYTER applications on your website to provide prospective clients with initial advice and guide them through next steps to receive your services. 

    BRYTER offers the following benefits for law firms: 

    1. Work closer to your clients: Get information directly from the business users and provide structured legal knowledge directly to the end user by integrating into your clients’ systems 
    2. Scale your knowledge: Leverage automation to enable all areas of law to provide expert knowledge at scale. 
    3. 24/7 service delivery: Self-service tools enable a 24/7 customer experience and provide businesses with expert advice at their fingertips. 
    4. Improve business standards: Ensure clients receive your professional advice consistently when and where they need it. 
    5. Become data-driven: Get holistic insights into the needs of your prospective and existing clients and analyse your interactions to consistently provide better services.