BRYTER provides in-house departments with a digital transformation tool for their complex, content-rich and scenario-based processes and decision-making.

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    BRYTER is the one-stop solution for many in house departments providing these teams with a digital transformation tool for many aspects of their complex, content-rich and scenario-based processes, tasks and decision-making. In doing so, BRYTER enables new levels of efficiency, transparency and control of processes, thereby increasing the impact that the legal function can make to the wider business outcomes.

    How can BRYTER help in-house departments? 

    1. Service Management: Create your own custom “front door” to optimise the way you capture, triage and route enquires to the legal team. Not only does this enable you to enhance service levels and the internal customer experience but it also provides rich analytics to equip the legal function with a data-driven approach to measure key performance indicators (KPIs). 
    2. Self-Service Capabilities: Free up time and accelerate your business by utilizing self-service apps that transform static knowledge into interactive analysis and advice.
    3. Integrated Processes and Workflows: Automate, intertwine and streamline knowledge, processes and workflows to create, negotiate, handover, approve and review documents, projects and requests. 
    4. Document Generation and Review: Automate the review and generation of documents, contracts and reports. 

    BRYTER offers the following benefits for in-house departments: 

    1. Increase productivity: Get more work done by automating your services, advice and processes 
    2. Better allocation of resources: Automation allows your team to get rid of recurring and standardizable tasks 
    3. 24/7 service delivery: Self-service tools enable a 24/7 customer experience  
    4. Better standards: Ensure your business receives accurate and consistent advice 
    5. Mitigate risk: Help your business remain compliant with expert advice at their fingertips 
    6. Become data-driven: Get holistic insights into an in-house function and start measuring key performance indicators (KPIs)