Rule-/Playbook Automation

BRYTER allows businesses to automate complex rulebooks according to their specific priorities and risk profiles allowing for news ways to run risk management at scale.

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    Many professional service firms and enterprises use rulebooks/playbooks to standardize and streamline recurring processes. These books typically include process workflows, business & domain rules, risk assessments and standard operating procedures. They can be used, for example, for contract review, negotiations, procurement processes, compliance, data protection and cybersecurity. The vast majority of these rulebooks/playbooks are still paper-based and are applied manually.

    BRYTER allows professional service firms and enterprises to effortlessly automate their existing rulebooks/playbooks – without losing any of the complexity and granularity.

    Benefits of using rulebooks/playbooks

    The benefits of rulebooks/playbooks are numerous.  Here are just a few to consider:

    • They align key groups upfront (e.g., legal, sales, finance) and helps them to stay aligned throughout an entire process
    • They are ‘lifesavers’ for new and junior employees to get them quickly up to speed
    • They help businesses to align with 3rd parties
    • They support structured processes and increase transparency, in turn reducing risk

    👉 Example: A ‘Contract Playbook’ is a comprehensive arrangement of information designed to facilitate a standardised, efficient, and collaborative review and negotiation of recurring contracts generated by a team based on a predetermined negotiation strategy (i.e., variations of the standard clauses that the company would accept if the customer wants to negotiate a standard clause). A properly prepared contract playbook allows the legal and business teams to stay aligned and close contracts faster (or know when it’s time to walk).

    With BRYTER it is easy to transfer the paper-based rulebook/playbook into a digital and interactive end-to-end solution. BRYTER’s no-code environment allows everyone to build, update and maintain digital playbooks. BRYTER’s visual graph editor makes the most complex (business) rules transparent and comprehensible. Risk scoring and a rule editor for complex logic make it possible to build sophisticated digital solutions based on specific priorities and risk profiles.

    In connection with contract analysis tools (Kira, Luminance, Seal, RAVN, eBrevia) contract reviews based on rulebooks can be highly automated. In an integrated process, data extracted by contract analysis tools can be automatically checked against an automated rulebook. These solutions have shown significant efficiency gains as well as ensuring the consistency of their legal output and mitigating risk.