Onboarding Processes

Onboarding processes are a great way to automate and scale current business bottlenecks. BRYTER provides a powerful and scalable platform to quickly develop and deploy onboarding solutions.

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    BRYTER no-code platform enables professional service firms and enterprises to build bespoke and sophisticated end-to-end onboarding tools without writing a single line of code. Even complex and high-volume onboarding processes can be automated and streamlined with BRYTER. The BRYTER Platform can be used to build onboarding tools for different occasions and target groups including new:

    • vendor/supplier onboarding
    • client onboarding
    • management onboarding
    • claimant onboarding
    • employee onboarding

    👉 More recently, BRYTER has been used to develop high-velocity, high-scale intake processes to facilitate the assessment and processing loan and funding applications for SMEs, banks and public institutions to help to alleviate the COVID crisis.

    BRYTER allows the building of the onboarding process end-to-end incorporating features such as document upload, integration with other platforms and databases (such as identity verification services during KYC checks) as well as bespoke approval and handover processes to build a tool that saves time and money whilst delivering a risk-managed and professional self-service solution. 

    Key Benefits

    • Automated onboarding processes save money as it eliminates the redundancy of paperwork and cumbersome information gathering.
    • Automated onboarding processes save time through automated and streamlined processes.
    • Automated onboarding processes enable enterprises to collect, measure and analyze data more efficiently.
    • Automated onboarding processes help reduce errors by a big margin through a structured and automated process.
    • Automated onboarding processes allow for better security, data protection, transparency and confidentiality.