Microsoft Teams Apps

Modules developed in BRYTER’s no-code editor can be integrated into MS Teams to allow convenient access for all employees of a company within their regular work environment.

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    Microsoft Teams has become one of the most successful and fastest-growing enterprise applications in enterprise environments globally. MS Teams is a chat and collaboration platform for Microsoft Office 365 customers designed to simplify group work.

    With BRYTER it is possible to easily build, deliver and implement powerful Microsoft Teams Apps without entering a single line of code. Any tool developed in BRYTER’s no-code editor can be integrated into Microsoft Teams seamlessly to allow for convenient and safe access for all employees within the software environment already in place. 

    👉 By integrating BRYTER into the Microsoft Teams environment, in-house departments are able to offer an ‘Intake Management Tool’ allowing internal customers across businesses to access self-service legal solutions as well as triaging legal requests to the relevant contact person.
    👉 Procurement teams can offer tools to self-serve on TCs, sales contract, RFP requests or NDAs

    Benefits of BRYTER MS Teams Apps

    By using BRYTER’s deep integration into Microsoft Teams there are several benefits for enterprises:

    • Through a MS Teams integration, companies are able to greatly increase the rate of adoption of new technology into a business. The integration allows MS Teams users to stay in their familiar environment without the need to switch tools
    • MS Teams provides a holistic framework to control access to the relevant tools based on the already existing rights & roles management and current authentification methods
    • Through MS Teams, tools can be easily distributed and updated – for instance by using the MS Teams App Store
    • By using BRYTER, the process owner or respective team is able to update and maintain each tool without the need of involving IT every time
    • BRYTER overcomes many shortcomings in the current MS Office 365 tech stack and gives business experts the technological bandwidth to tackle complex requests, self-service solutions, chatbots or decision-making processes 

    If you are interested in learning more about our MS Teams integration, please reach out to our Integration Team.