Enterprise Connectivity

As an enterprise ready platform, BRYTER integrates into all relevant applications. Seamless interaction and processing of information into existing systems is part of BRYTER’s core functionality.

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    BRYTER focuses on enterprise readiness and adoption. One key factor is the ability to connect and integrate BRYTER into the broader enterprise IT infrastructure and architecture. Enterprises are complex entities composed of a variety of teams, units, legacy systems, data pools and applications. For these enterprises to reduce organizational communication overhead and maintain business agility, it is integral to connect and integrate existing solutions.

    BRYTER provides different ways to connect to enterprises:

    • BRYTER provides integrations to major software providers including Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, MS Sharepoint, MS Teams, etc
    • In addition, BRYTER also provides integration to industry-specific tools such as HighQ and iManage
    • BRYTER provides the integrations through APIs enabling enterprises to query and retrieve data for further flexibility
    • BRYTER allows the export of raw data for use in other tools

    In addition, BRYTER also allows businesses to seamlessly integrate and embedded user interfaces:

    • Each BRYTER tool can be deployed internally or externally in a variety of different frontend/user interfaces
    • White-labeling and house-style customization are possible 
    • Tools can be embedded into existing solutions
    • Through integrations, different user interface frameworks can be utilized

    BRYTER provides Single Sign On (SSO) and other authentification methods to ensure a safe and smooth experience both for end-users as well as BRYTER users.