Document Reviewer

Documents are at the core of regulatory work – so the searching, replacing, processing and running of complex queries are essential parts of the BRYTER platform.

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    In combination with contract analysis tools (KIRA, Luminance, RAVN, eBrevia, etc.), BRYTER can be used to expedite the review of documentation and provide a risk assessment. BRYTER is able to integrate with machine learning extraction tools. In doing so, information identified and extracted by a machine learning tool, can be reasoned and triaged by BRYTER to enable users to more easily identify the main risk issues. Moreover, BRYTER is able to output the analysis in your firm or company’s house-style reports and templates as well as apply a risk-scoring to the information identified to provide an overall risk assessment of the contract in question. 

    Some of the possible key benefits of document review with BRYTER include: 

    • Increased efficiency: With BRYTER’s document review capabilities it is possible to review documents such as leases and commercial contracts in a fraction of the time as integration with document review products allows key clauses and terms to be automatically found and presented to the user. 
    • Increased focus: Utilizing document review products along with BRYTER allows lawyers to focus on the content of document terms rather than the task of just locating the relevant terms in the document.  
    • Increase transparency: Document reviews on BRYTER are fully tracked (as part of the overall process) and can be revisited and changed in a database. It is also possible to generate structured data relating to the documents and their respective content. 
    • Fewer errors: Document reviews conducted on BRYTER are highly accurate and consistent, mitigating the risk of errors arising from manual document review processes.  
    • Better customer experience: BRYTER also ensures an unmatched user experience, allowing everyone to review documents with ease.