Document Automation

BRYTER contains a full-blown, modern document automation suite allowing for easy and intuitive creation of powerful and smart document generators.

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    BRYTER allows companies to automate all kinds of business documents. Users can automate the drafting and assembly process of documents ranging from simple NDAs to complex agreements. In combination with BRYTER’s powerful reasoning and workflow engine, documents can also be generated as part of an overarching process or embedded in a specific business process. BRYTER can be used to generate reports, memoranda, checklists, status reports, etc.

    Unlike traditional document assembly tools, BRYTER offers a radical new approach to document automation by separating logic and content. The BRYTER platform combines document automation with a business frontend that everyone in a corporation can use on all their devices. In doing so, BRYTER provides an intuitive, scalable and cost-effective approach to document automation.  

    BRYTER can be integrated with existing data, document applications and templates such as Salesforce, SharePoint, HighQ, iManage, NetDocuments, etc. 

    Key benefits of BRYTER’s document automation: 

    • Increased efficiency: With BRYTER’s document automation it is possible to create a wide range of business documents in a fraction of the time – and everyone in the business can be empowered to do this. 
    • Increased focus: Automation allows lawyers and other experts to focus on other matters and to reduce the cost associated with document generation.  
    • Increased transparency: Documents generated on BRYTER are fully tracked (as part of the overall process) and can be revisited and changed in a database. It is also possible to generate structured data relating to the documents and their respective content. 
    • Fewer errors: Documents generated on BRYTER are highly accurate and consistent, mitigating the risk of errors arising from manual copying and pasting.  
    • Better customer experience: BRYTER also ensures an unmatched user experience, allowing everyone to generate documents with ease.