Database Automation

BRYTER’s database integration layer enables users to integrate virtually every available database into BRYTER. This allows businesses to process data at scale.

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    BRYTER provides a powerful integration layer that allows integrating with practically any form of internal and external database (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.), to perform automated operations or connect with the data sources. 

    The integration layer enables the user to build sophisticated solutions with BRYTER. Database integrations may be used for the following examples:

    • Batch-processing: use databases to complete batches of jobs (document generation, repapering, editing, updates) in a non-stop, sequential order (sometimes headless).
    • Data storage: databases can be used to enable data storage for multiple solutions or sequential process steps.
    • Data integration: through internal and external databases it is possible to integrate various data sources into the business logic.
    • Data update: integrations could also be used to update and bulk edit data
    • 3rd party tools: databases could also be used to integrate 3rd party providers into BRYTER

    If you are interested to learn more about the database integration layer, please reach out to our Business Services Team.