App Builder

BRYTER is a versatile toolbox and app builder which can be used to turn decision automation and processes into fully-fledged interactive applications.

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    BRYTER is a versatile no-code building platform enabling its users to build all sorts of different tools and digital solutions. As BRYTER is specifically geared towards business experts, it needs to cover a wide range of different applications (apps) and solutions.

    BRYTER provides a visual, graph-editor based app builder that allows “non-coders” to build powerful applications without a single line of code. All applications built on BRYTER can run in different environments and devices:

    • Tools built on BRYTER run on all modern devices including smartphones and tablets
    • BRYTER applications can be deployed as internet-enabled web apps
    • BRYTER tools can be embedded and integrated to virtually any 3rd party tool
    • It is also possible to deploy tools built on BRYTER as an “MS Teams App” and make them available through the MS Teams App Store (upon request, also other App Stores can be supplied)

    If you are interested to learn more about BRYTER’s App Builder, please reach out to us.